Management system of Quality schemes, Health, Safety and Environment to enhance performances and obtain results

Companies’ goals can be easily achieved if the business managing system complies with all the quality standards required. That is why an organization must establish a quality management system, improving performances, obtaining concrete results.

The professionals at Ianni & Partners support the enterprises in developing the proper skills to manage the quality certifications. We offer the necessary assistance in order to have a business ready to be certified with the present regulations, from a document, procedural and structural point of view.

Through a team of experts in the fields of safety and environment, both technical and regulative, we are able to find the weak points and bring to light the strong points in matters of environment and safety management of an organization. We are also able to evaluate the levels of risk to which a business is exposed, the possible economic consequences and the ideal corrective measures.

In order to support the client, our technicians are fully qualified in identifying what is required by a complex legal framework (often hard to understand) or by specific contractual requests made by the client or by national/international standards.

Supporto per il miglioramento delle prestazioni della tua azienda

Evaluation of Conformity

We will help you to identify the weak and strong points, evaluate the business compliance for present and future regulations, ascertaining also the method of the environment and/or safety management. Lastly we consider the possible risks and costs of potential damages providing guidelines and corrective actions to be taken.

Our support sums up to an analysis of all the necessities required by the complex legal framework often hard to understand, or by precise contractual requests by the clients or the national/international standards.

We provide the HSE manager with a team of technical resources capable of comprehending and analyzing the general requirements in all market sectors.

The aim of our offer is not only to evaluate the regulation compliance, but in general to support customers in improving their business performance. This can be either a precise evaluation or implementation of a real and effective monitoring plan and fulfilment to which the production sites are subject.

We help you to:

  • Reach and maintain legal conformity and compulsory rules
  • Intercept and manage promptly situations of risk
  • Start a process of continuous improvement to confront performance in time and define and diffuse efficient HSE criteria in all ways
  • Guarantee the enterprise’s image and reliability with an optimal level of safety for all the workers, communicable to all interested parties
  • Benefit of the presence and support of experts to identify all the HSE obligations to which the enterprise is subject.


Ianni & Partners provides services of auditing and consulting on national, european, and international laws on regulations for the industrial and services sector. We are specialized in certifying fluid conveyance systems (pipes, fittings and valves).


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