Recognize, monitor and prevent risks

Managing security helps to improve business performance

Managing security in the workplace means to evaluate and control all risks related to workers’ health arising in the execution of business related activities. This means to implement a system capable of eliminating the identified risks and responding to regulatory requirements.

The knowledge of the regulations has grown in time, also due to the introduction of “testo unico sulla sicurezza” (Italian law Dlgs.81/2008).

Good standards of health and safety are important aspects of a business approach to the risk control systems reliability.

The new legislative framework makes companies liable to fines and bans in tender procedures if the business is not in line with the health and safety regulations.

A good managing system of safety means also to improve the company’s performance.

The solutions we offer

The employer will have the assistance of a technician in the fulfillment of his duties providing technical and specialist skills. We propose effective solutions for the evaluation and control of risks, for the management of security and performance monitoring and regulatory compliance.

We will help you to:

⦁Reach and maintain conformity to laws and rules in matters of work hygiene.

⦁Evaluate and reduce risks of accidents and occupational diseases.

⦁Start a process of enhancement continuity to reduce cost related to injuries and lack of activity.

⦁Guaranteeing an optimal level of safety for all the workers with a clear and exhaustive communication between the participants.

⦁Guarantee a good impression of the reliability and reputation of the company.

⦁Benefit from the presence and the support of experts to identify all the obligations to which it is subject in terms of health and safety, finding the best solutions.

Le buone pratiche di Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro sono un importante aspetto delle politiche aziendali

Our services

Verify and evaluate conformity to dispositions of present regulations in matters of safety and health of the workers and protection of the environment, in accordance with the rules. Also identify the existing gap regarding the procedures and guide lines given by clients such as business control check-list, referential and certification standards. Identify priority areas to ensure the necessary information to formulate appropriate action plans.

We supply programs audits in the field of health, safety and environment to organizations who wish to consciously learn and manage their supply chain and ensure a level of global conformity maintaining high standards by defending the company’s reputation till the last network branch.

The verifying activity can happen during the design phases, manufacturing in the workshop, assembling on the worksite, final tests and commissioning.

Assistance and support will be given to the responsible of security; where possible by present regulations, our technicians can assume the role of external Health & Safety Manager.

Our multidisciplinary team makes conformity analysis that can include either buildings (prevention of fires or damage from earthquakes) or workplace machinery and equipment (regulation conformity, test preparations acceptance).

Exposure evaluation to chemical, physical and biological (noise, vibration, chemical agents, asbestos, handling of loads and repeated movements).Evaluation of well-being and stress in the workplace.

Situation analysis service, when possible, assessment and legal assistance is offered.

Our experts will assist you in the evaluation of the accidents studying the causes in order to study the appropriate actions to be taken. We provide the necessary assistance to the HSE responsible and to the employer or legal department.


Ianni & Partners provides services of auditing and consulting on national, european, and international laws on regulations for the industrial and services sector. We are specialized in certifying fluid conveyance systems (pipes, fittings and valves).


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