Assessment services and company’s environmental impact control

Monitoring environmental impact generates savings

Environmental impact in business can be remarkable. Managing this aspect is an unavoidable responsibility. The legal framework is regularly enriched with new laws (European, national, local and regional). These regulations are complex and sometimes difficult to interpret, directed to the protection of the environment and the workplace structure.

Learning how to manage the environmental impact generates savings of energetic resources and efficiency.

This is why it is a crucial step for the company to attain the necessary instruments to orientate itself safely in the legal context, knowing and measuring capabilities of your business, guarantee a safe and healthy workplace for all the employees and manage in a responsible way the surrounding environmental impact.

The solutions we offer

Our specialists will help you comprehend and analyze the general and specific requirements of your department. The subject of the analysis is the entire production system: from emissions to air and water, vibrations and noises; managing waste and dangerous substances such as lead and asbestos to energy efficiency.

The protection of the environment is not only finalized to the verification of the legal compliance it can help you to improve your business’s performance. This can either be a punctual assessment or an implementation of a real monitoring plan.

We assign to the project the expertise of our specialists to guarantee a coordinated management of the interventions; this way, you will be able to analyze all matters with precision and you will be sure to have a single trusted representative.

We help you to:

⦁Reach and maintain conformity to laws and regulations in matters of environmental protection
⦁Start a process of continuous amelioration to reduce costs due to a mismanagement of the environmental resources
⦁Guarantee an optimal level of protection of all the workers, communicable to the interested parties
⦁Guarantee the image and the business’s reliability
⦁Benefit of the presence and support of experts to identify all the obligations to which the company is subjected in terms of environment protection and identify the best solutions.

Governare l’impatto ambientale genera risparmi in termini di risorse energetiche e ottimizzazione delle prestazioni


Reorganization project to review the whole managing process method of water resources and/or waste, resulting in positive economic, environmental and legal conformity outcomes. A screening is made on the water cycle and/or the waste management methods, identifying, in order to economize (including recycling), possible interventions aimed at rationalizing and optimizing consumption, finally analyzing the technical and economic feasibility of the interventions.

Assistance in the preparation of the authorization documents; our specialists follow the process at all phases intervening on the legal and technical aspects. In this area we can provide support in the preparation of environmental impact studies.

Assessments to identify possible situations of non-conformity to laws or risks in the long or medium term period. The expenses are assessed to restore conformities or to reduce potential risks. The analysis is functional in the acquisition phases of enterprises or of sites and in the variation of company assets to evaluate the eventual expenses to sustain or define the connected risk taking.

Due Diligence HSE is a procedure finalized to inform the clients of eventual risk situations – present or that can occur in the long or medium term period – consequently evaluating the expenses to sustain, to restore these situations or to reduce the risks.

Management of the files to acquire or modify greenhouse gas emissions permits. Redacting and updating the monitoring plans.

Technical assistance arranging technic-administrative documents required by the European Union regulation UE n. 601/2012


Ianni & Partners provides services of auditing and consulting on national, european, and international laws on regulations for the industrial and services sector. We are specialized in certifying fluid conveyance systems (pipes, fittings and valves).


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